Treat your brand like a person and nurture it

Can a concept, mark, symbol or a product have a personality?  How?

The answer is that Brand too can have persona.

Brand is not merely a symbol or a mark of a product as an identity that differentiates product from its generic cousins.  Every object or living organism has its unique traits of personality, characteristics, attributes and values, similarly brand also need to be treated like a person with a personality of his own.

Brand’s attributes, characteristics, values, look etc. form the persona of the brand and differentiates it.  Hence one has to consciously conceptualise, strategise and design the brand and its communication such that the brand is perceived in the minds of its customers as desired and imagery is similar to the imagery visualized by the marketer. The gaps if any, to be identified and addressed to make it more effective.

Human mind creates perceptions for everything.  It identifies everything like it identifies a person, attaching some values or attributes to index it and saves it in its memory.  If somebody communicates to you good words or in nice tone, you form perception as nice guy and if shouts at you or talks arrogantly, you form negative perception.

Similarly, brand’s visual, verbal and non-verbal communication also affects your perceptions and you consciously or in your subconscious mind form a personality of the brand.

Psychologically, one likes to associate with something that he or she likes or feels that it can better represent his/her identity or meet aspirations or motivates.  This is human nature.  As a result, one wants to associate or friends with the one whom he or she likes, wants to own a brand or product with which he or she attaches the maximum aspirational value, likes to associate with the brand or services that further communicates a statement about own personality.

This creates snob appeal or an inert force to own particular brand of phone or accessories or fashion jewelry or which gives statement of your lifestyle.  This places Brand or Marketing Management in driver seat to take brand to new levels in its journey .

Brand Management is a science and art.  It requires psychology, strategic, research, analytics, visual communication at one’s disposal.  There is no perfect solution, but the best is the one that creates good impact.

While above paradigm compares brand with a person, the stark difference is that humans are mortal.  But one can create brands that sustain for generations to come.  You just require to carefully nurture it.

Vaibhav Dholakia